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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walmart Smart

Apex NC 10-14-09

Although it was 55 degrees and cloudy with light rain this morning, it was bright and sunny and 70 degrees in the new Walmart in Apex. I had the privilege to hold the yellow ribbon with new store manager Theresa Drake and our Mayor, Keith Weatherly, as the ribbon cutting and grand opening took place before employees, managers, Chamber members and manufacturer reps, as well as the most important people, Walmart customers. After the ceremony, I was one of the first with a cart. I needed a dorm room fridge for our son, a sophomore at State, and this was the place to get it. Yes,I got a great deal!

Here is the thing, and it is at the heart of this commentary. Apex employment increased by 420 this morning. I counted the smiles! And our tax and revenue base increased big time as well, in what is still considered nationally as a slow jobless recovery. Mayor Weatherly, in his remarks, stated with a vein of humor, "It's about time Walmart found us."

All of us present at this grand opening agree. The store is drop dead gorgeous. Large aisles and well placed items typify the Walmart focus. It is a wonderful place to get EVERYTHING!

Save money. Live better. That is Walmart's theme. This store will bring traffic from Fuquay, Holly Springs, Cary, and Pittsboro. This day is a major moment in Apex history, and further insures Apex, the Peak of Good Living, to be a player on the East Coast for real estate, industry, newcomers, and opportunity for a long time.

Without a doubt, Apex is a great place to live, play and work. I talked to Chris Welborn, the Walmart Market Manager about the first Apex community event that Walmart might associate itself with, the Peak City Film Festival-Family Style. It is a perfect match. The common denominator for Walmart, Apex, and the Festival, is family.

Check out the new Walmart! And thank them for employing your neighbor! Walmart's presence in our town changes how we do business. And that's wonderful news!

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