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Friday, February 27, 2009

Come Fly with Me

2-27-09 Apex, NC-- If you could get a minute of Sully's time and ask him what a pilot has to be focused on as he or she flies the big bird, he would most probably tell you these three things...


Selling is much like piloting.

Every month you must be on course. On your way to work, as you hit the pillow, as you drive around. Be on course. Know where you are heading. Have a plan every day.

Speed is a critical variable as well. Wiki-wiki means speed in Hawaiian. I always bring it up in sales classes, great term, remember wiki-wiki. Have that sense of urgency. It always generates emotion. And emotion always creates motion on the part of the customer. But as they say... watch your speed. Just like a car chase be slightly ahead so you have the clean air.

Altitude is the most critical of all. You have to know how to take off, climb, level off, descend and land without mistakes.

Think I am kidding... How many times have you said, "I landed a sale!"

On any given flight, passengers put their complete trust in the pilot. Passengers often thank the pilot as they exit the plane with things like, "great job, great landing" and so on.

Stay on course. Adjust your speed. And stay at the right altitude.

Your customers trust you. And they will thank you for the great job.

Happy flying and selling!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have to tell you that I have sold since birth, when I first faked a cry for food on the birthing table...

Remember, that the economy is awesome when you have a customer in front of you... That is the message for the sales troops. This ain't rocket science. I call our mess the four zips. Zip confidence. Zip spending. Zip courage, and the killer one, zipped mouths... We just take this socio-political/economic crap news and let neophytes control everything and learn on the job... Throwing out the politicians printing $$$ left and right is just the start of economic renewal.

I am sick of the constant "will save or create 3.5 million jobs"... what does that mean? My business is in a drought too... and every day I am not supporting a sales force trying to get better is a loss, no matter how productive I am that day... BUT persistence, a think skin and a sense of humor will get me and you through this crazyness.

I suggest putting all sales teams in a critical "river dance" session TODAY and have them figure out ONE thing to increase sales; each person must suggest one thing. One bite at a time my brothers and sisters in PROFIT, one bite at a time...

This will help prevent zip sales! And it will get your people thinking their way out of this.

Happy selling!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dig This!

2-25-09 Apex, NC... It is the end of the month. For the customer this is a no brainer. The deals get a little edge on them at month-end. And the edge is to the customer. The big problem for salespeople today is getting these customers in and getting them to buy or lease. Today let's focus on getting them in.

"Man, I have NO traffic!" Yep. Hear it all the time. Try the TRIO METHOD...Business cards, a great attitude, and a HUGE SMILE get you customers who are not in your owner/ referral base.

Every time you open your wallet or pocketbook to spend your hard earned money, give the person taking your money a business card, a great attitude and a HUGE smile. It takes 15-30 seconds to tell the person who you are and what you do. Two cards are needed in the Wendy's drive-thru. Remember the second guy that hands you your single and fries is a potential customer as well.

Dig into your social network, from your next door neighbor to your Rabbi or Pastor. If the 400+ people you know out of the work environment do not have your card, then shame on you. Heck, this is the easiest group to work.

Finally, your professional network; people you work with will buy from you if you give them a card and always have the positive attitude, coupled with a huge smile. People in the nearby departments, nearby buildings, and nearby businesses will include you in their buying loop if they know you exist.

Remember card, attitude, and smile. Have a 30 second elevator speech ready and DIG, DIG,DIG. It is not rocket science. I have proved it.

Happy selling!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

General Motors, the Automotive Paczki

2-24-09 Apex, NC... At one time, what was good for General Motors was good for America. It dominated the global automotive industry. Heck at the time, Volkswagen was the only foreign competition. And Beetles were few and far between.

Big and dominating... Just like the Paczki is today. Paczki? Yes...everything has its day and today is Paczki Day. All throughout the Midwest, and especially in Detroit the Paczki(pronounced PUUN-SKI)is a BIG FAT donut stuffed with prune, lemon, strawberry, etc. filling. Long lines in Hamtramck, and near Detroit bakeries stand in the cold to get them early. It is the day before Lent you know... A celebration is always necessary. Motor City Mardi Gras!!! The Paczki is the value menu item of the moment. It happens once a year.

Today General Motors is on the edge of big, fat change. The Administration has assembled top quality non-car people, now headed by Steve Rattner and the Treasury to assess the fate of this Company whose history now exceeds 100 years.

Consumers have hunkered down. Showrooms are not as populated as they have been, and the combination of poor decisions in an array of sectors from housing to stocks have left GM in the position it is in.

Go buy a car. Go buy a fridge. Go on vacation. Go out and eat. Buying something is the only way out for all of us. The flip side of buying is selling. And selling drives every aspect of the global economy.

GM needs to be the value item of choice again. They have more cars and trucks with great gas mileage than anyone... And the dealership support you need is around the corner.

Once the smoke clears, no matter the direction of the wind, GM will survive.

Six months from now, the economy turns around, and with it the car business.

GM has a value menu deal for you. Stop in soon for your 2009 Paczki! Buy American is the thought of the day!

Happy selling!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lessons in Life and Beyond

2-23-09 Apex, NC... A good friend of mine recently brought back a Detroit News from a business trip to the Motor City. I stumbled across a tribute in the paper for someone who recently passed away. Irwin Kahn, a veteran furniture salesman, sold dining room sets, sofas and beds for over 40 years. He believed in his sales philosophy so much that he carried the words on paper in his wallet every day. Ten very simple words that led to his success.

"Do it all. Do it right. And do it now."

Let's break this down. Do it all. Never give the customer a worry. Always be there with a smile. Give the customer what he or she wants and needs. Be complete. Do it right. If I have to explain this one to you, I want you out of sales. Do it now. The urgency factor combined with emotion and purpose eliminates customer excuses and gives them the reasons for purchasing. They were not in the furniture store for the hot dogs or Mr. Kahn's
autograph; they were there to purchase. Mr. Kahn steered the opportunity, controlled the process and ensured happy customers. He knew that selling is very simple. It just is not easy.

I have never met Mr. Kahn. But I know him well. A great man who helped other people. I hope he is still selling in Heaven. His passion and lessons are forever.

Happy selling!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oops... My Bad!

2-22-09 Apex, NC... I love mistakes; I want to make them all the time. Let me share my secret with you. I don't learn anything until I make mistakes. If something comes easy to me, heck, I don't learn something. But if I struggle, retry, figure things out, screw up again and then fix it, make adjustments and improve; I have learned plenty. My mistakes are my personal and professional lessons.

If you know me you know I am a HAM. I love being in front of groups. Love it. It is so fun. The bigger the group the better. One of my dreams was to be in front of thousands of salespeople as I share opportunity and enthusiasm from the pitcher's mound at Shea Stadium. But since Shea is now a mound of demolition, I have to find a new venue, HA.

Many people are afraid or shy in a group. Not me... It seems so easy... But it is not... Here is the secret, for every class or meeting I speak in, I must prepare hard. It takes about an hour of preparation for every minute of presentation. I start with a clean sheet a paper or word doc and I gather my thoughts. I make a ton of mistakes as I prepare. It takes forever. But when I am in front of someone the mistakes pay off. I learned to cover all my bases before I walk on stage.

I have learned from my mistakes.

It is the only way this thick head learns... How about you?

Happy selling.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Stimulus is Local

2-21-09 Apex, NC... I am trying to think of new nicknames for the Stimulus package. Let's see... Mother Load or Mother Love? No. Pork and Beans? No. Politics vs. Economics THE SERIES... No... Man, I am more confused than when I am watching LOST. And I am really lost when I watch Lost. But I too want to stop time right now, stop the flashes, and get this island, err NATION, back in sync and turned around...

One thing for sure. It starts in our hands on that huge wooden wheel that turns the island... because all stimulus is local. The center of out universe is our home. It is our career, our job. It is our family. It is the obligations we have. We fix things one inch at a time. I am committed to my success. You must be too.

Our comeback, just like Cher's, starts on our own stage. The President can't fix it. The Governor of fill in the blank can't do it. Congress cannot do it. Look at the stock market. If the challenge is this BIG then we need to start SMALL. We need to stop the losses. We need to safeguard ourselves and our children. We need to fix the car business and get customers back into our local dealerships.

Look in the mirror and roll up your sleeves; who said it was easy? It isn't. But it is very simple. Just keep looking in the mirror.

Happy selling.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Half Full or Half Empty

2-20-09 Apex, NC... I am a blatant eternal optimist. I used to tease in my training classes that the only people who have the blanket right to be negative all the time are the Detroit Sports Writers...

Now it just ain't those sports guys being negative anymore. From the commentators on FOX News right up to our Commander-in-Chief, things are constantly being presented with half empty in mind. The Joe the plumber, the Sally the waitress, heck even the Jim the Sales Trainer are leaning to the dark side on the mess we see on the T.V. 24-7-365.

We are worried about paying bills. We are concerned about health care costs. We are worried about keeping our livings going... We moan about sales. But now HEAR THIS; let us focus on the principle of success. Make it your mantra. Tattoo it to your forehead. Print it on your coffee cup. Make success an personally urgent matter. When it come to success, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

Think of success this way...

S... SMILE, you will feel better.
U... UNDERSTAND your situation and fix it.
C... CONFIDENCE goes a long way.
C... COMMUNICATE with everyone in a positive relational way.
E... ENERGY helps you see things clearly.
S... SATISFACTION and pride help you sleep after a productive day.
S... SINCERITY must never be faked or fudged; we can tell.

These ingredients will lighten your spirit and MAKE you walk the optimistic side of the street!

Happy selling!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's Make A Deal!

VTR Consulting LLC Announces Price Cuts and a 100% Money Back Guarantee

February 19, 2009 Apex, NC--- VTR Consulting LLC, a retail training and recruiting company located in Apex, NC, announces a brand new re-pricing strategy and an unprecedented 100% money back guarantee. “I believe in increasing sales, motivating professionals, and giving complete customer satisfaction. If an organization does not get positive feedback from the salespeople and the management, then the training is not worth anything to anyone. The VTR Consulting LLC strategy is to bet big time on the training quality, to walk the walk, and make the process a win-win for everyone willing to take the chance on this unique proposal”, explains Jim Vogel, Founder and Director of Training and Recruiting.

Upon the condition of complete satisfaction, a 20% discount for services comes right off the top making VTR an even greater value for the teams taking advantage of this incredible offer. Jim comments, “Times are tough. If you are not getting the best from your people, shame on you. If you are not getting the best from your training, shame on me!”

This offer includes all in-house sales training and motivational meeting sessions, and is not exclusive to the car business. Any organization with sales staff is eligible for the exclusive offer. Offer ends 3-31-09.

About VTR Consulting LLC (
Headquartered in Historic Apex, NC, VTR Consulting LLC works with retail operatives all over the United States supplying sales training, recruiting and consulting services. Now in partnership with eautobusiness, located in Charlotte, NC, (www.eautobusiness), VTR now offers blended services ranging from Fundamentals of Selling to the AEROS software suite for CRM.
Media contact: Jim Vogel

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Changes in the American Dream

2-18-09 Apex, NC... My Grandfather worked for General Motors from 1929 until 1965. The infant son of Russian/Polish immigrants, the migration to Detroit was certainly not easy. With only a grade school education at best, he was amazingly articulate. He had to go to work at age 13. One thing he was for sure... he was one of the first generation of hard working middle class in America. During the Depression when unemployment was around 35%, he drove to Flint from Detroit to keep his job. Even then, he saw periods of unemployment from 1932-1935... As a member of skilled trades, he was brilliant with tools and could fix anything. As a foreman later in his career, he went from hourly to salaried; raised five children and owned the shiniest Cadillac convertibles on the block. His work ethic was incredible. He had a passion to live his dream.

In essence it was General Motors that gave my Grandfather an open door. The automotive industry created the middle class in this country. He earned his job daily along with thousands of others, and he became and lived the American Dream. He started with nothing and by the end of his life in 1989, he had a huge corner house, a Buick in the garage, and a beautiful garden that filled a third of his well-maintained backyard. He loved his grandchildren and his great grandchildren, loved my Grandmother with all his heart and paid his taxes. Frugal to the end, he never bought more than he could pay for, never had a credit card, and as far as I know, lived within his means. The not "living within means" started this current situation.

If the Big Three, the suppliers, and the dealers go under, it is a huge bruise to these pioneers. Most of the middle class is taking the brunt of this economic challenge. The majority of the employees losing their jobs are, or were middle class.

These people are trying desperately to pay bills, and are assessing their fractured American Dream.

Manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers still exist. If they go bye-bye, I insist the fracture will be so big, it will affect everyone regardless of business or position.

As my Grandfather proved, employment is the way out of this challenge. Customers
are a way out of this as well... We have to SELL our way out of this.

We are watching change every day. It is stunning. Congress is running the country right now. We need to stand up to this. My Grandfather bled General Motors. Today, we need to be more like "Pa". Right now, General Motors is depending on Washington D.C. So is Chrysler. I do not like the smell of that...

I want the American Dream back.

It is not inside the Beltline... But if we look hard enough, we find it in our own hands!

This column is dedicated to Walter Genslak, the man with a dream and a drive for success. He found it in the car business and never looked back...

Happy selling!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


2-17-09 Apex, NC... With the above words stated loudly and firmly at 3:23 EST, the President signed the Stimulus into law. Now, "it's done"...could be like it's cooked! Over time we will see if it is a turkey or not. Now in all fairness, time will tell. I am a sales trainer and recruiter. I am a vendor. I am a small business owner. So far no one has told me I am a beneficiary of anything in this bill. Not too many of us in the car business or in any business really can use the extra $600 a month for food stamps... In complete honesty, I want to read this 1000+ page document or at least the 100 page executive summary. All I know is this; I am not real busy training and recruiting salespeople because the stores are not real busy. Let's fix consumer confidence. Bankrupting Detroit is not the answer. Based on the stock market so far today, the stimulus package is not jump starting anything either.

Chrysler just announced more layoffs as I write this... I still believe the economy is just fine when you have a customer in front of you... We know what to do. Get us customers Mr. President.

Happy selling!

Monday, February 16, 2009

911 Hello Operator!!

2-16-09 Apex, NC... It is EMERGENCY TIME... The quake you are feeling is at least a 3.0 on the Richter Scale. The rumbling is from Walter Chrysler, Ransom Olds, Henry Leland, Alfred P. Sloan, and others TURNING OVER in their graves.

President Obama decided that a committee was better than a Czar, so reporting for duty is the Treasury Secretary Tim Geither and Larry Summers, Clinton's former Treasury Secretary. Great, two outstanding car guys... I mean czar guys. Since yesterday, I have more automotive experience than those two; and at least one of them can't count and thinks the IRS stands for incredibly ridiculous stats...

Why not put a CAR GUY in charge of the Big Two assessment? How about Lee Iacocca? How about Gary Convis, retired Toyota Exec? This is like a plumber giving me a colonoscopy. This is a procedure that simply needs experts... This is serious stuff.

If GM goes bankrupt, virtually every single point dealer is history; retirees suffer. Suppliers add to the debt they already have, and US vendors are toast...

With the stimulus package absolutely flying into law without us taxpayers seeing it, just what is our business in for?

We need to e-mail the President immediately. Things are just happening too fast. That is when mistakes happen...

In the words of Alfred P.Sloan... "If we are all in agreement on the decision - then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about."

I hope the vitality plan for GM and Chrysler is well thought out. Not like the stimulus package...

Happy selling!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Idle Thoughts!

2-13, 2009 Apex, NC... Read the following and you too will think you are David Letterman and there is a very special guest sitting across from you...yep, something is not right here.

Because of the current state economic situation, the UNC System's Board of Governors will likely INCREASE tuition and fees by a WHOPPING 3.9%

Although oil costs about the same as a nice pen right now, gas keeps going up and is again touching two dollars; the reason for the rise? Maintenance...

Another good candidate in the top 36 goes bye-bye. I am talking about the new administration NOT American Idol...

Restaurants in town want full tables on Valentine's Day but are not allowing the use of coupons we find in the paper for half off, etc...I like that strategy, full prices will fill the seats for sure.

GM is offering retirement incentives for ANOTHER 22,000 employees; is anyone left to turn the heat down and turn the lights off?

People need jobs, but how many know how to use a shovel?

Finally, with the $798B package, housing and car buyers will be getting ONLY modest breaks... For example, many states tax the difference between a new car and a trade. Even on a good day that typically saves a car buyer WELL under a thousand dollars...

Somebody help me please...

Happy selling!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Constellation within the Stimulation of the ObamaNation

2-11-09 Apex,NC... Well the PACKAGE will pass. It is on its way. It is considered by many the guiding light and I hope so, because in my constellation, within my orbit, things are moving very slowly. We depend on the car business for so much. One of seven of us works directly or indirectly in the car business. Used cars are selling okay. Service is holding its own. But for the economy to turnaround like so many of us want, the automotive industry has to get healthy again. The people out of work seem to increase every day and we need to stop the bleeding right now. The President is getting what he wants. And I hope he is right. I will back him right or wrong but I will hold him accountable on a daily basis to get the car business back to where it has to be. Confident consumers buy vehicles. We need to get that back! My business purpose is job creation, job enabling, and a job sustaining. But I am a one man band. Hopefully the recruiting agents, like myself, get the stimulus to help all of those seeking employment, the training and retraining necessary to succeed in new careers. Because succeeding quickly is critical.

I hope the PACKAGE drives the money into opportunity. Now it is up to the President to facilitate this for everyone.

Happy selling!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Creeps Me Out (of MONEY)

2-10-09 Apex NC... It is creeping again. I pass signs all the time. It is incredibly on the move again... sure it sits awhile, and then it moves again thinking no one notices. It is very sneaky too. It fakes a gentle fall and then rises above the stagnant mark it has been sitting at for days. Yep, you guessed it.... Gas prices are on the move again, regardless of the national climate.

It was wonderful at 1.59 and then the creep began AGAIN. It went up to 1.70 for no reason, sat at 1.78 forever, then 1.81 forever, then 1.89, now it is in the 1.90's. If Exxon and its lot want to see total poor house anarchy, it is going to happen at the 2.50 mark. People cannot afford it. One very cool stimulus package is LOW gas prices, a drop in price is worth millions in our collective pocket books. Some of us are actually using cash when we fill up now. At above 2.75 we simply charge it, who has an extra $100 to fill the SUV when prices go back and sit at 3.99 for a month or two?

People are not paying some of their normal bills on time right now, and they are worried about every nickel, very worried. Long term budgeting is month-to-month now. We tolerated 3 and 4 dollar gas once. We cannot do it again. NO ONE has the money. I do not see it growing on any trees in my yard. And those of us still working cannot skateboard, jog, or bike to work.

Greed and arrogance are really being studied now. These "creepy" ingredients are the main cause of the recession we are in. Oil profits are still setting records at under 2 a gallon. They do not need anymore profit. It seems if mother nature does not drive prices up, someone sneezing in Siberia does.

We cannot have gas prices go much higher. Our plastic is not thick as our heads anymore. We will not tolerate increases and grumble quietly under our breath any longer. We will be really whizzed. Leave prices alone so we can budget what little money we have left. I suggest calling your representatives, senators, mayors, and town managers... It simply cannot happen again. Anyone who has forgotten that $20 got you five gallons, is part of the creep...

I still think revolution will take place and we will throw everyone out of office and start over. Why not? It has to be cheaper to toss Congress, the lobbyists and the Prez out, than it was to fill our tanks at June 2008 levels.

WE HAVE HAD IT so send the message! Remember who fills Congressional gas tanks.

If fuel stays economical, maybe people will head back to the dealerships and buy a vehicle. That will help as well.

Happy(Under Two Bucks Please)Selling!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Coldplay is Always on Stage

2-9-09 Apex NC... Coldplay won the song of the year at the Grammy awards last night for VIVA LA VIDA. The band always carries itself well and is noted for its enthusiasm on stage as well as its talent. In fact, enthusiasm is key to their success. Enthusiasm, coupled with a smile and a great attitude gets you whatever you reach for. Think of enthusiasm from the following list...

E...Energy in great amounts is the key to all possibilities.
N...Need is central to sales success. Establish it.
T...Trust must be gained first before partnering begins.
H...Honesty and sincerity must go hand-in-hand.
U...Understanding is critical; always be listening.
S...Speciality and uniqueness always bring value.
I...Intelligence drives every single business moment.
A...Ability must be established as soon as possible.
S...Service is the main driver of success.
M...Motivation will always grow and avenue your passion.

Enthusiasm always covers for imperfection. It is okay to be flawed so minimize it with plenty of enthusiasm!

Happy selling!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

At Your Service!

2-8-09 Apex, NC... There is a current mindset today that is keeping service departments busy. People are fixing rather than buying. Customer pay is up. Even independents have full parking lots. But here is the ticket. Customers are visiting the dealerships; they are just coming through a different door. If we give them a great experience, even an oil change and rotation gets a customer clean, we can eventually get them back in the showroom. Have the salespeople help during the morning service rush. People buy from familiar faces.

Smile, listen and go that extra mile so they continue to come in, even for the most mundane of services. Every single customer could use new wipers, a battery assessment, and a belt/hose examination. Service by definition is taking care of needs. Do not forget that taking care of needs is the first step to taking care of wants. There are great products and great deals no matter what door the customer comes into.

Happy selling!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gotta Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There

2-06-09 Apex, NC... Back in 1977, Bo(Bandit)Darville and Cledus(Snowman)Snow had a job to do. Bring 400 cases of Coors from Texas to Georgia in 28 hours. At the time you could not buy Coors east of the Mississippi, so they were on a mission where speed was critical. They had a goal and an objective. They were persistent and focused on the task. Simply put, they knew what they had to do and nothing else mattered. Defeat was not in the vocabulary. Of course this is a Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed farce, and of course I have seen it a gulzillion times, a great flick. But to me it is a business/ motivation movie. The boys were doing business. And they were having fun. Isn't that what it is all about? In the end, they were rewarded with a brand new assignment, this one as impossible as the last. Bring chowder back from Boston in 18 hours; with a quick switch of cars, they headed north in a bright red Caddy. They had a job to do and they do it well...

Yep there are lessons galore in Smokey and the Bandit. Persistence does pay off big time. The customer is indeed always right. Teamwork is essential. You crash without it. There are a lot of lessons. A big mistake in business is to group goals and objectives as one. Goals and objectives are not the same. The goal to get the Coors to Georgia, is different from the objective of doing it in 28 hours. Sadly, businesses confuse these all the time. There are also decision making and problem solving issues galore for both Bandit and the Snowman throughout the entire movie. Sadly, businesses confuse these two as well... Often to the detriment of all involved, they are two different things.

It is okay to focus on the big picture, the Bandit did. But he realized that it's the teeny things that get you there and you just can't do it alone no matter how good you are. You are only as good as your results.

Well I have to go... As for me... I am eastbound and down...

Happy selling!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Custer's Not So Last Stand

2-5-08 Apex, NC... I had the privilege of listening to Scott Custer, CEO of RBC Bank, yesterday at NC. St. His presentation was part of the Lecture Series in the School of Management. I knew that if I could learn one thing, it would be well worth it.

Here is what he said... There are three reasons for corporate failure. The first is losing touch with your constituents. The second is losing sight of the market and the market conditions. The third is having a complex bureacracy.

I believe the car business often meets these criteria; but as he was speaking, I immediately thought of CONGRESS. Big Time. Think about it; it is not a giant leap.

Here are Mr. Custer's keys to success... Get along with everyone. Find your nitch. have common sense. Put fundamentals in place. Make grounded decisions. Have integrity and ethics. Focus on knowledge-based opportunity. Change non-productive behaviors. Be forward thinking. Stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Happy selling!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

656,976 is the Lonliest Number

2-04-09 Apex, NC... Two words, consumer spending... In January, the automakers industry-wide sold 656,976 cars and light trucks (WSJ). That is less than eight million when you multiply by 12. I still think the 12 million total this year will happen... But that is five million less than what we really want as an industry. it is not the business plans or the restructuring. If you breathe and are a GM employee you are being offered a buyout as I write, so that is not it. Getting consumers to start buying big ticket again is challenging and difficult. Making the most of every customer who walks into the store is the easiest part. GETTING THEM TO WALK IN IS THE MISSION. We need buyers. Even with the Senate's help to give tax breaks on loans is not enough.

Spring fleet sales will help, so will a President's sale, but when Toyota is down 34%that tells you no one is out there buying. The imports are my key indicator.

Here is also a big problem. I lease. I have for 15 years. I cannot get a good lease out there. That's a factor. People who are credit challenged (sub prime) simply are not getting bought like in the past. That is a another factor.

The sharp salespeople are busy, but many average players are not that sharp. Here is a fact. People will buy again when money is not so tight. If you are a customer, I have never seen better opportunities. If you are a salesperson be as ethical as you are sharp. Training helps... If you need me I am there to help you get better.

Happy selling!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Voice Among Voices

2-3-09, Apex, NC... Even the President is on the bandwagon about the fact that things are "dark and getting darker" in reference to the current economy. Someone has to yell out that this thing is cyclical. There is still an unlimited amount of people out my work window, and an unlimited amount of money. If you don't think so then where is the stimulus money coming from? Hey, I was born at night, just not last night.

Get up. Wipe the ashes off your forehead. Take the dang hair shirt off and find a customer. Customers are not proactive right now. find one then. I am dang sick of this feeling sorry for me bull. Everyone is worried about work. Everybody is worried about money. Ohh... I am not talking about the customer, I am talking about salespeople. I am talking about YOU.

Rush Limbaugh, love him or hate him said this...It is up to you to fix this mess one person at a time. We simply cannot wait for the government, or anyone else to fix this. This is America. It is called the United States for a reason. Do not give up. I will not accept it.

Be a voice with me. Do not be negative, that is wasted energy. Knock off the doom and gloom.

We are talking ourselves into misery. We have made this worse, each of us. How about talking yourself into SUCCESS... Opportunities are around your next corner.

Happy selling!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Consumer Confidence

2-2-09 Apex, NC... The key to getting the economy rolling again in the right direction is to get the Consumer Confidence Index back up. Currently it is 37; a year ago it was in the 80's... we have to fix that. I am no economist, but as a sales expert I can honestly say that no one cuts, scrimps, saves, or eliminates their way out of recession. You must GROW your way out. You must spend your way out. Just the strategy of buying what you need will help jump start the economy. People are holding back, waiting to get laid off. This is a terrible mindset. Remember this... SALES drive the global economy. Sales define capitalism.

Happy selling!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is It a Coincidence?

2-1-1959... Apex, NC... Why not?... 1959 is the same calendar...This following is so interesting that I just have to share it...

The 2009 calendar is exactly the same as all these years... 1903, 1914, 1925, 1931, 1942, 1953, 1959, 1970, 1981, and 1987.

Unbelievably, these were all challenging years for the U.S. Economy and in particular the Auto Industry, what can this coincidence tell us about 2009?

Recessions(Depressions), WAR, and Change happened in these years... 1903 was the birth of Ford, 1914 was the start of World War I, and so on... 1959 was a recession recovery year, 1981 often is compared to the events in 2008, and 1987 had a major October stock market crash!

ALL of them are memorable for challenge... here are more... 1931, DEEP DEPRESSION, 1942 The WWII effort stops the car industry; 1953 the Korean War, 1970 the height of Vietnam... Very weird...

I say let's break the chain this year. So send this blog to 25 people and you will have good luck forever... Ohhh... Sorry, wrong kind of chain... my bad!!

I believe in 2009. I personally kicked 2008 in the butt as it walked out my door; what will the year bring? Based on history, some interesting stuff...

P.S. Happy birthday to my favorite sister GERALYNN... Miss you!!!

Happy selling!!