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Monday, April 11, 2011

Find Jobs - Sales Representative Jobs in Raleigh- Durham, NC, North Carolina - The Hcard

Find Jobs - Sales Representative Jobs in Raleigh- Durham, NC, North Carolina - The Hcard

It's a Pain in the Gas!

Now, as fuel prices climb daily from the Valentine’s Day level of under three bucks, to over four bucks by Memorial Day, it is time to play some Archie Bell and the Drells and “tighten up”! The year was 1968, gas was 27 cents a gallon and I was cruisin’ on five bucks ALL night long in a car that got seven miles to the gallon… Ahhhh, the good ole’ days… Driving for no reason and in no direction. WOW!!!! What very cool memories!

Well, it is 2011 and I have come up with tighten up ideas.

Find the nicest Dollar Store and buy your soups, shampoos, toothpaste, detergent and crayons. These stores carry name brand stuff.

DO NOT have a car payment! If your car payment is $350.00, even at $4.00 a gallon, you can get almost 88 gallons a month. Yep, EIGHTY-eight gallons.

Consolidate your trips like you are driving the downtown bus; minimum miles, maximum stops.

Get your gas where you spend your grocery money. A nickel is a nickel.

Call your insurance agent ASAP and get higher deductibles on every single policy. You don’t play with fire and you do not take the family mini-van on the Saturday night dirt track. Go with the odds.

Remember Wal-Mart has jeans, slacks, dresses and golf shirts.

Clip coupons and get on every store’s discount mailing list. Double and triple coupons are a must on everything you buy.

Get your shoes professionally repaired rather than buying the new ones.

Wear things until holes develop. In fact, with some things, holes are in fashion…

PLEASE spend your money locally; our restaurants need a break too. And the kids need a night out. In fact, you need a night out. Use Twongo! Go to the restaurant sites and print the coupons.

Plant the garden you always put off this year. Cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes grow like weeds in the Triangle. Have you noticed the price of tomatoes?

Time –Warner has 14,622 channels! (Seems like it!). Get the basic back and watch TV movies for free.

Got a green thumb, fertilize your own lawn.

Now, the economy will turn down the road. Just carry these same strategies when gas goes back down to $3.00; you can take me out with all that extra cash!