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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scary Chris-mess

12-16-09 Apex, NC
Kindle? I thought they said Ken Doll. I ordered six Barbies too.

Got to love the new HH Gregg radio spot. It is true punishment to listen to it and it drives me to Best Buy, even for batteries!

I want to give Rush, Sean, Bill, Mark and the Prez the important gifts of humbleness and gratefulness. All five of them can’t pass a mirror without stopping in true admiration. This will shock my Crat friends, I honestly think the President will fix that overtime. The others, absolutely no hope…

Ahhh, but I agree with a lot of what the talk show dudes say… But you knew that! Lately, I give all of them, including the President a C! Actually, the President gets an incomplete. He has a ton to accomplish in 2010. I support that!

I want to gift all our celebrities with simple faithfulness. It works. And it prevents completely innocent victims. These individuals should not want to be caught in those woods…

I wish common sense for all in political office. I wish honesty for all in political office.
Do we have any honest, common sense ones? Come on mid-term elections!

On Christmas Eve, I am heading to Walgreens and buying everyone on my wish list a French-English dictionary in paperback, and a bag of green and red M&M’s. Who said Holiday shopping wasn’t easy?

And speaking of Holiday… Do you say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Season’s Greetings?

I hear snow is coming to the Triangle… Yeah sure… There go the eggs and bread… and beer.

Have you noticed only Geico hasn’t gone seasonal on us when every flippin’ single commercial on TV features an Elf near a bunch of toys?

The Bowl season will soon be all over the place. I predict that Alabama will beat the Detroit Lions 48-3. And that is just after they beat Texas in three OT's... yep… on the SAME DAY!

Ouch, the HH Gregg commercial is playing on WPTF 680 again. Crap… Hang on; I just shut it off. Thanks for waiting.

Also on the radio this morning, an Army WAC came on to wish her children here in NC a Blessed Christmas. She also wished her son in Iraq the same thing. WOW!! God bless her. Remember to say your Pledge of Allegiance and to support all our brave men and women who give us freedom in times when it is not so free.

Did you know that 150,000 women served in the Women’s Army Corps during WW II?

Just fill in the blank… Merry ___________ to all and to all a good blog!

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