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Monday, March 29, 2010

Division is Subtracting the Addition of Multiplication

3-29-10 Apex

Confused... So am I.

I cannot remember when our country was so divided politically. There are very, very clear sides. The "Progressives" and the "TEA" (Taxed Enough Already) people just do not have a lot in common right now. And let's just think of a Republican loving a Democrat and vice-versa. Just look at Facebook and other social media; we see people every day lobbing the right and left bombs that create unpleasant thoughts in multiple categories.

Here is the main multiplier. The government simply is not earning public trust right now... And I mean politically. I am just completing my taxes and really dragging my feet. I do not want to give Washington and Raleigh any of my money right now. The violation of law is the only thing I have motivating me. I am an honest citizen. But we leased a new car in December and now we cannot deduct the sales tax because we did not "buy" it. What? Why would I take out a 60 month loan on something that depreciates as soon as you sign the papers? But again, division; the leasees nope, the buyees yep... I tried to stimulate the economy and get kicked for it. A payment is a payment danged it... That sales tax I still pay!!

As my darlin' wife said as she walked out this morning, "They got us again!" It never ends...

With over 11% unemployment here in North Carolina, and know this; if we add the people who gave up and are not receiving unemployment we are easily at 15%, man we still got issues bringing tissues.

How about foreclosures? How about the way too high price for gas? Too many things to list out here. And are you now doing the work of two people because of the cuts at work?

If we would just focus on every level and fix the economy with job stimulation, people would get health care from their new employers. I like simple. Now it will be way more complicated with a trillion dollar health care bill, I simply cannot read or comprehend. No matter where your political thoughts lie, you just have to be a touch worried.

I am very weary of both high level politicians and commentators with personal agenda on any side!.

But bouncing Obama and Congress makes as much sense as having Limbaugh move to Canada. It is not about those people here. It is not about Nancy or Harry. It is about US! We are who they work for... Yet, we are affected big time as we try to pay our bills and pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Please Mr. Obama, make us feel better about our future. Make us feel better about our economy. Stop the taxing and more taxing and still more taxing. Keep your campaign promises. But alas, the hits just keep on coming.

Have you looked at your grocery bill lately. There are as many as three separate taxes on it. And is this tax money used like it really is ours? Like it belongs to the people? Just walk into an ABC store to see our tax money efficiently at work.

Stop corruption at the local and state level. The Governor still has a lot of explaining to do. Stop the backroom deals in Washington, and start working for the people again. It is the only way we head in the right direction... or the left direction... Gosh I am so divided! But as Americans it adds up to our growing commonality. We all are getting the short end of the stick.

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