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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

11-9-09 Apex, NC…
I was sitting in my office one late afternoon about this time of the year, when an employee rushed in with a big problem. He needed my help. He could not find anyone else. He had a critical report, full of incomplete disinformation , that was due on the big guy’s desk right away. The owner of the sand box wanted it ASAP. He needed to look good in front of everyone in the morning. This poor guy was late and over his head. He needed me to help fill in the some blanks. I listened with great patience, although I was in the middle of something for the big boss too, and with the straightest face I said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah; you and the Beatles!” This stuck in my cranium and I use it all the time.

From then on, I have integrated the Beatles in a true tongue and cheek way to assess the people in our professional lives who we are involved with at least 10 hours a day; yep, our business coworkers, acquaintances, cohorts, associates, customers and alliances. Now I have you thinking. Where is he going with this blog? How can John, Paul, George, and Ringo define the temperament, personality, and habits of the people around us? I mean, geez, this is so Sixties!

Actually there was a voluminous amount of organizational assessment that was launched by disciplines like organizational behavior and industrial psychology in that decade of freedom and self discovery. But this is more White Album than White Paper. And it was not all the Beatles. It was the classic songwriting legends, the duo of Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

And you know, although I am being mostly and highly facetious with what you are about to read, there might be a semblance of something real there.

Hit it Ringo!

Help! Remember the guy above who needed to finish the report?

I Want To Hold Your Hand. These people only work when you do this.

A Hard Day’s Night. Work is everything. Too bad you have forgotten the name of your kids.

Fixing a Hole. These people are always in the middle of something while leaning on their “shovels”.

Eight Days a Week. The boss just put up next week’s schedule.

Good Day Sunshine. You are still sleeping and that guy is already at work.

Please Please Me. These employees volunteer for everything and nothing gets done.

Mean Mr. Mustard. This is the one who owns the sandbox.

I’ll Be Back. Have you ever made a cold call?

Helter Skelter. If your organization or your circle of influence is big enough, you can think of at least one.

Let It Be. Ever played referee in an issue that did not involve you at all?

Yesterday. You ask this coworker to do something and it is already done.

Twist and Shout. Have you ever had a slight miscommunication with a customer?

The Fool On The Hill. Read Mean Mr. Mustard again.

Nowhere Man. Think about the employee with the Golden Handcuffs.

I’m Happy Just to Dance with You. Did you survive the last “off boarding” week when six people were let go due to the jobless recovery?

I am the Walrus. Finally I mention me and all of us who are small business owners!

Maybe I should expand on this blog and make it a seminar!

Hope you had a little fun reading this.

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And have a wonderful and blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember even though this is not a Lennon/McCartney title, be kind to the turkeys in your life!

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