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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Idle Thoughts the Early Years

Apex, NC 1-12-10

This will really date me...

I remember ...

Being sprawled on the basement floor playing cars.

Rushing across the living room to turn the TV station; we had four to choose from.

Riding on the Twin Pines truck around the neighborhood as the large blocks of ice inside melted a wet trail down the middle of the street. How I loved milk chutes!

Hopping on my bike and going to Little League practice two miles away. I was nine.

Using the Carl Yastrzemski rookie cards to make noise on my bike wheels. Didn't like the Red Hose.

Staying out until the street lights came on. Had to go home then.

Trick or treating for two hours blocks from the house and eating all the homemade goodies on the street corner.

Looking at the asbestos ceilings in my grade school.

Playing with mercury. Those little silver balls were pretty cool.

Seeing how scuffed up my hula hoop could get.

Loving my banana seat on my Sting Ray.

Being close enough to the players at Briggs Stadium to hear them swear.

Thinking the fender skirts on my Dad's Black '57 Merc were "neato".

Talking to and being polite to strangers.

Listening to the war heroes talk about the last war ... Korea.

Having a Top 40 song card to look at from WKNR Keener 13.

Knowing what a 45 really is.

Wearing white socks every day.

Sporting a Princeton or a Butch haircut; my Dad gave me a choice.

Wearing HUGE and THICK eye glasses.

Not using my seat belt because there weren't any.

Lifting the big black phone in the hall and listening in on the party line.

The adults using a metal can opener on their beer.

Thinking the hood ornament was pretty swell.

Still loving the sweet sounds of Rosemary Clooney.

Getting an allowance ONLY if I did something.

Those were wonderful times... surprised I didn't kill myself!!

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