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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Idle Thoughts the Frozen Variety

Apex NC … 1-07-10

Where did global warming go? It is 18 this morning.

Attention all Prius Owners. Your car has been recalled by Toyota to remove the Obama stickers. How many HUMMERS still sport George Bush on the back? It is now time…

I saw a “stay off the tracks” sign near the railroad passing. It really first read “please pay attention and keep your phone on your belt or in your purse”. But that message was probably too long.

How many of you have heard this phrase? “Football is on AGAIN?”

Brine is all over the main streets two days early. It is because of the DUSTING we will have tonight. Who says the government does not react quickly to solve problems.

The weather guy is pounding the term “flurries” this morning… Scary weather…

How many of you like the new format on WPTF? We now have real news in the morning and hard news at 5 every night. Losing Limbaugh to 106.1 FM was the reason, but I love the new 680 AM. Finally there is a focus on the local news.

Did you notice drivers still text. Can we report them like we do drunk and reckless drivers?

Research in Motion is moving to the Triangle. Will that eliminate all the BlackBerry hiccups?

Dragnet was the only TV show in the 1950’s that used the TelePrompTer for scripting. The actors read their parts. What President delivers his message like Jack Webb? Hmmmm…

Have you noticed all the new Fords running around the Triangle? Fusions and Edges, a number of Lincolns… This is a historically import-driven area, mostly Toyotas, Hondas, some Kias… This is a great sign for the Detroit car and a clear sign the economy has a crack of sunshine in the clouds. Thank you for buying American.

I am flying to Detroit for a week in February. If it warms up, I am heading through security barefooted and in my undergarments. This should really quicken my time in that line.

Have you noticed? Umemployment in the US is still a problem. In China and India, the problem is employment.

My kid found a Dollar General grocery Store in Knoxville. I want one here. I say it is perfect timing.

I want to thank Rex Healthcare for bringing the Blood Bus to Downtown Apex last week. We helped save 51 lives over the Holidays. We have another Kiwanis Rex Blood Drive on March 19! Please mark your calendars; 3-7 at the Peak City Pharmacy.

How about the Big 10 beating up the ACC? It has been a good bowl season with a ton of exciting games.

The Detroit Lions are looking for a left tackle. So if you know anyone seven- foot- three, 500 pounds, who runs a 5.5 40… send me his name please!! It is the only way Stafford stays off the DL!

Have a great 2010!!

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