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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HOHOHO! But Be Careful!

Apex NC 11-30-10

Tis the season to be careless... fa la la la la la la la la...

There is nothing as cool as a live Christmas Tree. It looks good. It smells awesome. Decorated, it is a work of art. A Rockwell painting right in the corner.

But trees are like pets and kids, they need to be watched by responsible adults. So please plan to water your tree regularly. Make sure it sits in the stand right. A falling tree in your living room is simply dangerous. Do not place the tree near a heating vent or too close to the fireplace. Get new lights every two years. They are cheap. But cheap can be a problem when there is a cracked wire or an overextended electrical outlet.

Don't let the kids run around the tree. Glass Ornaments are gorgeous; yet if they break they can easily injure dogs, cats and youngsters.

Fraser Firs, found in our beautiful NC Mountains, are value priced and hold their water and their needles very well.

Many homes during the holidays are very accident prone. And they must be protected from fire. AA batteries in every smoke alarm will save a life.

As your Inside 919 Insurance Guy, I want you around for the New Year!

Enjoy your tree! But as with anything, enjoy responsibly. Merry Christmas.

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