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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hold the Mayo

If you run a business and have unhappy people who work for you, you just might want to hold the mayo. The mayo is Elton Mayo, the Human Relations Theorist who coined the fact that if you take care of your people and pay positive attention to them, performance increases. If you grab hold of the Human Relations Theory, and put into the work environment, your business will be more successful.

Companies in desperate mode will often go to their employees and ask them for ideas that might help save the business. But businesses today need to tap the human capital in the best and the worst of times to give the business continual life.
Give real and honest positive feedback and make an employee’s day. Give your people an early afternoon off. Give them some flexible scheduling if you can do it. Pay them fairly and give them bonuses when they exceed performance levels. You do not need a $1000 ad in the paper, when your employees are your advertising. And it is contagious; your customers also become your advertising and marketing arm. Surprisingly, great employees lead to great customers.

The VTR Consulting LLC series of relationship building and agreement selling classes have this critical theory as the bedrock of growth and opportunity. Your Business DNA (Desire, Need, and Attitude) just gets better when you communicate well with your employees as growth partners.

The next time your business has employee issues, open up your menu of opportunity and hold the Mayo.

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