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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Down Idle Thoughts

7-28-09 Apex, NC

For Toyota to drop NUMMI, an assembly plant in CA that was a partnering with GM, they must have serious money issues.

Of course, with the end of 2009 in sight(yep, Christmas is only five months out), this will indeed be the worst car year since 1900.

Has anybody else used their gardens this year as a deer, rabbit, and dog eating station?

With the Martians' landing near a Nigerian oil field, I knew gas would go up for a legitimate reason for a change.

I am not a giant fan of Sarah Palin. I think she is a little rough around the edges. BUT, how about just leaving her personal life out of it. All of these politicians have a closet.

The President is in town tomorrow. And I have no urge to see him. I see him enough (DAILY) on TV.

Terrorists in Willow Springs? Go find a service person and thank him or her for serving. This is too close to home.

I remember 9-11. That was too close to home as well.

Do the little things well and have fun in what you do... You just never know.

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