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Thursday, July 2, 2009

From Here To Eternity

7-2-09 Apex, NC

Small business is one tough cookie. Why do over half of us do it? It is a wonder there are no shrinks specific to businesses under 50 employees. They would make a ton of money and have offices in every town. Just kidding. But there are certain ingredients you have to have to be in business and some put us on the counselor's couch; I think the number one quality necessary is persistence. That never giving up thing that is a major part of our psyche drives us to do what we do. I have always been persistent. In the early 50's, I arrived on this planet at 3 pounds, four ounces. Then I lost weight(something I don't do well now). In those days, babies in my shape DIED. I always wondered why I did not.

I went to school and got three college degrees part-time. I worked by day and schooled by night. I never missed a class or an assignment, ever. I teach now at the University of Phoenix. Sadly, assignments are late and people miss class. I just can't understand why people are not persistent no matter the challenge, especially when it involves education.

When I sold cars, and I sold over 600, I always sold with urgency. Until the customer said NO, I sold until the last one left the building.

Even now, I am building my business, retail training and recruiting, one persistent effort at a time. And it is quite a time. Unemployment, credit, foreclosures, and economic uncertainty have zipped up customer wallets and purses like I have never seen. If potential customers would just say no I would be cool with it. But most of the time they tell me maybe later, maybe next month, maybe next quarter.

But I can tell you this. I am among many who struggle today, but in good times all of our efforts will pay off. Beans and SPAM will only be fond memories.

This is America. The Land of the Persistent. Today everything gets a a little better, and it improves one day at a time. Efforts do pay off. From now to forever and from here to eternity, success is derived from the struggles we all face. Success is just around that next corner.

Today will soon be tomorrow, and the tomorrows are what we strive for every moment.


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