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Friday, July 10, 2009

Idle Thoughts From the Porch

7-10-09 Apex, NC

Rudy's, the new local tavern on 55, has the most awesome bar food in Apex. In Cary, the new local tavern is The Corner. I have not eaten there yet, but any bar that has hand cut steaks is on my list.

Did I tell you I am on a diet? I am eating anything veggie and a lot of salad. How come food that tastes good has to have a zillion fat grams. My Dad used to say food does not taste good unless it is surrounded by bones. If you don't believe that, you have not had Dallas Fried Chicken in Apex.

I think I am going off my diet.

Speaking of diets, the State of NC needs to be on one. Let's start with the Governor's salary. I do not want to pay anyone who wants to raise my taxes in a recession.

How about the stimulus that is working; gas is going down. It went down 10 cents yesterday, in one day. Wow... That's what I'm talking about.

Hey Late Show people. Leave Sarah Palin and Michael Jackson alone. Nothing funny with either one of them.

The President is on a global trip with the First Family. I am glad I am not paying for that business vacation. I am? When he comes home, can we fix the economy please?

I heard the term Stimulus 2.0. With trillions in the hole, a stimulus stimulus is what we need.

Today I counted these. The Buicks with the ball cap in the back window 3, and the pickups with a NASCAR driver number in the back window 2. The Buicks win by one.

Why are all those Buicks beige?

The Detroit Tigers will go into the All Star break in first place. Take that RED SOX NATION!!!

With little rain lately, will we have politicians doing those conserve water commercials soon? Ouch.

How about Billy Mays still pushing cheap stuff on commercials? It is sad they are still running. Leave him alone too.

General Motors Company came out of bankruptcy today. No longer General Motors Corporation, their focus is on a $40,000 electric car. I hope they call me with my suggestions FAST!

I still like those Buicks that come standard with the baseball caps.

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