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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You Feeling It Yet?

5-6-09 Apex, NC... The signs of recovery are on the horizon. The market is up. Gas prices are rising. Credit is available to those who qualify. And the Chrysler makeover coupled with the shedding in GM has created a calming effect to the economic
situation. Mr. Obama is losing his new car smell as he puts some miles on his experience as the most powerful person on Earth. Considering what we have lived through the past seven months, this peek into the second quarter has some very positive signs.

We get the car business stable and we get the economy stable. If people start buying cars at a 15 million (a year) pace as we head to Summer, things can only get better.

If the automotive industry goes upbeat so will the vendors and suppliers. And I am one of those. Small business across the United States will also benefit. Unemployment will lower and consumer confidence will rise. Both will move in different directions at about the same rate. People are not dumb. But they are worried and they are watching.

Time will tell but I really feel it coming!

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Bliss said...

great post! I also feel the change coming....