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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Small is Good

5-24-09 Apex, NC

Back in September, I left a very good company and started my own business. I knew it would be a challenge. And I knew it would take a while to grow. I, in essence, am doing the same thing I did for someone else; I train and recruit people. But I quickly realized one thing. Small business is the driver of this economy. In fact about half of the people employed are in small business.

Here are some things about the small business people I have met over the past eight months.

When you start a business, you must expect to starve for about a year because every dime you have and make goes into the business.

Your past lifestyle is a pleasant memory. You might even look at pictures now and then.

When you start a business you go from knowing everyone to knowing no one. It is all you now, from the leads to the lights.

Connections are essential. The more people you meet, the better your business will be.

Be prepared to fail a ton! But every mistake is a great learning tool.

Most small business people worked their behinds off before they started the business. That does not change. Have you ever heard of a lazy small business

Expect a customer or two NOT to pay you for your hard work. Obviously, some people are ethics-challenged.

High energy and vision are critical. Our true leaders come from the small business ranks.

All small business owners are students of business, from marketing to janitorial.

Everything we do is local. One-on-one is central to success. And we like it like that.

We never have time for lunch. But remember when we worked for others? We didn't then either.

The brick and mortar of America are small business people.

The risk-takers define small business.

The only perk I have experienced is a very personal one. My family is 725 miles away in Detroit. Now, whenever I want to go home I can. My current boss always puts family first and he understands that life is too short. My current boss allows me to grow with no restrictions. And my current boss does not play favorites, politics or games. My current boss loves family and he loves the business. My boss will always be ME.

Remember our troops this weekend... It is a Memorial in every respect.

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