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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idle Thoughts Yet Again

Apex, NC 5-13-09

Reality and common sense; are they still around? Just asking...

Ford outsold Toyota in April. Nice job Dearborn.

If you know any college grads out there without a job, help find them one.

Gas has gone up at the pumps. That is a bad sign for wallets and purses, and a great sign for the economy.

Memorial Day should have more drivers on the road. Everyone must be tired of the $15 a bag fee with the airlines that started when it was four bucks a gallon.

This is the time to buy a car. The lots have inventory and the sales managers have incentives. If you have good credit, you will get awesome rates.

Cheerios is under government assessment for alleged health claims. The White House has also authorized background checks on Tony the Tiger and Capt'n Crunch.

You know times are still challenging when Las Vegas has 10% less visitors so far this year than last. Not a bad time to go to Vegas in your new car, how American is that? And we kill two birds with one stone.

General Motors execs are dumping stock. This is never a good sign. It's like Smokey the Bear leaving the forest ahead of the big fire.

When the car dealerships shake out throughout the country, only the ones that move sheet metal will survive. Remember only you can prevent your local store from vanishing.

How come if there is nothing but time, we never seem to have enough of it.

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