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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Domestic Please, with All the Fixins!

4-18-09 Apex, NC

Most of these thoughts apply to everyone in any business. BUT THIS is...

An open array of fixins for all my car brothers and sisters, from Fritz to Detail...

If you are not passionate about fixing the car business now, or if you are staying in it for money first, please feel free to use the restroom on the way out.

Do not loan money to customers who cannot pay it back. Remember the last time you loaned someone a buck?

Know your product like the back of your hand. And put that knowledge into solution-based common sense that your customers will understand.

Let your trainer train. He or she cannot hold 10 other positions that no one wants to do. Training happens all the time until it is interrupted by a customer.

DO NOT let the White House and Congress tell you how to operate your business. They would go bankrupt if they did not have our tax money.

Dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers must sing on the same page. That would be a historic first.

Our business learns from mistakes. It never learns from profit.

Pay employees a salary when they are learning, not a draw. Groom them into commission.

On your busiest day, typically Saturday, spiff your first deal. In fact spiff every deal. Pocket money is a great morale booster.

In your deals, be as honest as a boy scout, as frank as a traffic cop, and as understanding as your Mom.

The fixins have not changed. We just need to focus on the ball. Sell people a product they want and they need. And be realistic if they trade.

Happy fixins!!

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