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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Idle Thoughts Yet Again

4-09-09 Apex, NC

With Southwest Airlines flying in and out of LaGuardia now, there is unusual activity happening at the airport, on-time departures.

GM and Segway unveiled an electric two seat, two wheel vehicle. With GM soon to be cut in half, two wheels seems appropriate.

The land of Facebook has 200 million people. That makes it the fifth largest country in the world. Its motto? What's on your mind.

The G-20 tackled a number of key issues last week. They were also credited with two assists, a pass defensed, a sack and a safety.

The President refused to discuss the Pirates this morning. I think it is because he is a loyal White Sox fan.

Seriously, the Pirates off the African coast can pirate because no one is stopping them. Now we have an American Captain help hostage. Yes Navy, that is a hint.

With consumer confidence slowly growing, oil is going up. Man, I was just about ready to start putting beans with my rice and bologna with my mustard sandwich. Darn.

Locally, because of budget, our school children needing summer school will be denied unless they are graduating next year. I tried to check on this but there are two people saying they run education in North Carolina. And one of them is a Czar.

Ford and GM have started offering payment protection for people who are losing their jobs. Most of the eligible are Big Three employees.

Last night on American Idol, Frankie Avalon sang Venus in honor of Simon Cowell's birth year, 1959. The biggest hit that year was the now little played, "Rude Englishman in a Black T-Shirt" by the Idolettes.

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