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Monday, April 27, 2009

Idle Thoughts Really Again

4-27-09 Apex, NC

Talladega needs to keep the cars on the ground. The catch fence did just that. Up to seven fans were hurt when debris blazed through the fencing. How long before we slow it down there?

You have to grab the book "How to Ask for the Appointment and Get It" by Chris Morrissette. No matter what you sell, it is worth it. Go to

The media and U.S. Health Officials have us all worried about Swine Flu. The cases here in this country are infrequent and mild in nature. And yes, you can eat pork. In North Carolina, where there are more pigs than people, the industry must communicate this fact.

What will save GM as it considers all sorts of options is growth. GM CHINA.

Twitter is growing leaps and bounds. A type of "text" Facebook, Twitter is generating all sorts of publicity. You can follow me @salestherapist.

Have you noticed all the gardens popping up in the backyards of America? It is no wonder, I paid way too much for tomatoes from Fresh Market.

Things are coming together for Fiat and Chrysler. But, by the time you read this, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and HUMMER should be GM orphans.

Things are getting better in Michigan. My brother Mark goes back to his job today after months of unemployment. Things are getting better...

Happy selling!

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