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Friday, April 17, 2009

Idle Thoughts NOTTAGAIN

Apex, NC 4-17-09

Interesting that this past week there was nary a mention in reference to President Lincoln's assassination or to the sad tragedy of the Titanic.

The same economists who did not predict the October collapse are hinting at the recession being over by third quarter. This time I hope they are right.

In 1907, Henry Ford needed salespeople. The best ones did not want to get into the car business; did not trust the new venture. What did Henry do? He paid them more than they were getting selling whatever they were selling. He got his salespeople.

In 1930, in the depths of the recession Ford was holding its own. Ford was always blindly optimistic. He did not care about economic conditions. He knew his optimism would win out. He was right.

You want pink slip protection? Do your job.

Southwest Airlines lost money again. Why? They are the best example of success. Well no one is flying. How do I know that? Because no one is driving. How do I know that? Gas is still two bucks...

Google's growth has slowed. People are searching BUT not buying. One gets fussy with wallet and purse when there is not much in them.

If you are owed a tax refund in the State of North Carolina it is coming by turtle. If you paid on the 15th, North Carolina already cashed your check.

Hero... It is spelled Captain Phillips.

The administration has recommended that GM shelve GMC. Allegedly the President just is not impressed with the GM plan. See what happens when you are forced to take money. Now everyone is a car guy. What goes away next? Sedans?

Today's newest trends: smart phones, social marketing, tiny burgers, Wii, Chapter 11.

There are career fairs out there charging people who are out of work. Huh??

Finally, Limbaugh had a great point today. When capitalism is challenged, government gets stronger. BUT it never works the other way.

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