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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life on Earth 1970

4-22-09 Apex, NC...

Well it is Earth Day again. I remember the first one. As a high schooler, we had projects and presentations. It was a big deal. The next year not so much! But it does symbolize how far we have come as a "global" community.

Here was 1970 for my generation... The Beatles and the Supremes broke up. Computers were the size of small rooms. To call someone you had to find the chord. Bob Hope and Vietnam partnered together. Dick Nixon was president. I discovered a new comic and started reading Doonesbury. There were still World Fairs, this one was in Osaka. Paul VI was the head of the Catholic Church. The Vega and Pinto rolled the streets. Hippies and Frats existed.

It was a simple time actually. Gas was still 23 cents a gallon. I had a V-8 Comet that I ran hard and put away wet... My first car... Vinyl roof and two doors. AM radio played cool stuff 24-7. Working for the car companies was fairly simple, if you knew someone on the inside. I did. They were hiring like crazy especially in the salaried white collar arena. Globally, Ford had somewhere near 70,000 salaried employees. In fact, 8.4 million passenger cars sold in the US in 1970. The industry was strong and muscle cars cruised on a Saturday night, or parked at the drive-in.

Today Earth Day actually still has purpose. The people who exist today conserve water. They recycle. And they at least know what a hybrid is. I smiled this morning when I found out that a Toyota Camry hybrid will pace the Coca-Cola 600. This in a sport that still runs carburetors and just changed last year to unleaded fuel.

NASCAR is going green... Me, I still LOVE the rumble of a V-8 so don't take my HUMMER away... where are my bell bottoms? I still love the feel of jeans!

Happy selling!

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