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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(Scarier) Idle Thoughts

4-29-09 Apex, NC

This is the time of month to go get a car; the deals have truly never been better for you the customer. The salespeople already know tomorrow is the end of the month. Hope both parties take advantage of it.

Pontiac going bye-bye does not mean your warranty and your service disappears. My daughter's Oldsmobile visits the Cadillac store on a regular basis.

Someone will buy HUMMER. Someone will buy Saturn. Saab will survive. The main companies will go to the Toyota model very soon. Toyota-Lexus, Honda-Acura, Nissan-Infiniti, Cadillac-Chevrolet, Ford-Lincoln, Chrysler-Fiat; oh this will happen sooner rather than later. Volvo, Dodge, Mercury, GMC, maybe even Jeep will go the way of nameplate heaven. Gosh I loved Ramblers.

Actually I want a big block turquoise 1964 Tempest coupe... The fastest pre-GTO type of car.

Now the fun stuff...

OctoMom the Musical started auditions today in L.A.

We now must time the washing of our hands to the tune of "happy birthday" twice... Sense the irony? Man, I cannot make this stuff up... In an aside, the President was filmed eating cake. Honest AND...

YES... You can eat pork. Just cook it to 160 degrees. Swine Flu has nothing to do with PIGS... dang I need a RED hot dog STAT. And a big fat juicy pork chop...

How can the Feds give big banks stress tests? I thought a human heart was a necessary ingredient.

Check out companies like Macy and JC Penney. They know the 4th quarter will bring buying consumers. Look at the stocks. Anticipate a strong holiday season. Retail stocks rise in recovery.

The President has been in office 100 days. I have seen situation comedies less crazy. Press conferences almost six days a week, aggressive agendas, stimulus and BIG spending, health care, energy, General Motors, Pelosi, Reid, nominations, re-nominations, re-re-nominations, education, whew... what is next waterboarding corporate bonuses? I have never, ever seen a more interesting administration. I have to get that list of campaign promises! Lots of things to keep my thoughts IDLE.

Check out

Hockey Prediction... Red Wings win against the Canes in 6 games for the Lord Stanley Cup.

Baseball Prediction... The Red Sox will be strong all year.

Basketball Prediction... Cleveland needs to win something.

Football Prediction... The Detroit Lions will win four games!

Gas Price Prediction... We will not see $3.00 a gallon in 2009.

Social Media Prediction... Twitter will be off the charts by summer. @salestherapist

Automobile Sales Prediction... 12.6 Million in 2009

Happy selling!

1 comment:

cmorrsales said...

Hey Jim,

Your IDLE thoughts are entertaining and witty! I love the play on words as well.

I love the Sox! Been a fan since Mike Greenwell, Ellis Burks, and Wade Boggs (traitor!).

Talk to you soon,

Christopher Morrissette
Author of For Free and For Fun-How to Ask for the Appointment and Get It.