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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shutting Detroit Down

4-24-09 Apex, NC

Oh boy. It is serious now. It almost looks inevitable that Chrysler is going into Chapter 11, and that General Motors will become Gen Mo... Cut in half with elimination. It is a very scary mess. That Kangaroo station down the street, that local grocery store, restaurants across America will be affected. When Gen Mo closes factories for NINE weeks this summer, the ripple will be felt everywhere. This single act alone will set the economy back again.

The new song, "Shutting Detroit Down" rings true. I have never seen it in my lifetime. To think that Fiat SpA will save Detroit is cutting edge crazy. This is way bigger than that. If you are thinking of buying or leasing a vehicle do it now and only buy Detroit. Sales will save the Big Three. Oh Baloney! I hear you out there.

The quality and MPG of Detroit sheet metal rivals and exceeds that of Toyota and Honda and that is across the board. Jump in a Malibu. Drive a Fusion. Most Detroit trucks get 20 mpg highway; and that includes the infamous HUMMER. The H3 can go 400 miles on a tank of gas. The illusion still exists. Take a gander at what manufacturers lead in recalls. It is not Detroit!

I hear you again. That is bull too. Detroit built what people bought for years. There have been 17.5 million vehicles sold in a year very recently. Until May of 2008,since 1992, every year was a record year in sales. People were buying and buying big. When Detroit and the economy take a step back AGAIN this summer, look in the mirror!

Detroit needs you right now. In WWII, it was Detroit who built the tanks, planes, and jeeps to keep us free. It was Detroit who created the Middle Class in this country. And it is Detroit who needs you now!

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