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Monday, April 13, 2009

See the Business!

4-13-09 Apex, NC... I sent a friend of mine to the dealership over the weekend. He wants a Trailblazer SS. I suggest that he go see the HUMMER H 3 Alpha as well. It too is a V 8. It is fun, unique and very high profile to ride around in. There are not a lot of these around. It is different. He likes that. Plus you can climb anything in the truck, from an ant hill to Grandfather Mountain. The MPG is the same as the Chevy.

He shows up at the dealership I sent him to. Now remember, this guy is a buyer. He is ready. The salesperson tells him that there are no Alphas in stock . The salesperson does not take his name or his number. He does not suggest driving a used one. He does not ask him if he would be interested in anything else? (Like the Trailblazer SS)!!

My friend leaves. He calls me and tells me the story. I hang up, go over to the wall, and I start beating my head. Because I know there are plenty of salespeople out there who walk their customer. Management never knows. Lost business in this economy simply should not be tolerated. Look at the time wasted.

But I do not blame the salesperson, well not completely. He did not see the business. I blame the training or lack of training this guy has got recently. I mean recently too. Unless training is regular and reaffirmed by management, it goes POOF after a few days.

Now, I am a sales trainer, not half bad; and I am not as busy as I was six months ago. Dealerships are saving money right now. Training ain't cheap. Let the managers do it. Here is a personal message to that salesperson and the manager responsible for results... TRAINING IS AN INVESTMENT. You lost a sale that day. My friend will probably not buy the HUMMER, and he won't be buying the Trailblazer, at least from you.

Oohh. He is a buyer. And he will be buying. Too bad too. I wanted him to buy from you...

I can help you... All you have to do is call.

Happy selling!

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