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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idle Thoughts AGAIN

3-12-09, Apex NC

Wall Street Journal still has a full Money and Investment section... Why?

Obama signs an imperfect bill. Tons of PORK. A veto would have sent the message he has been preaching since early last year. Words and actions must mirror each other.

Big story yesterday. National debt is falling. Duh... who in the %$#& is increasing their personal and professional debt table...

Maytag is recalling 1.6 million refrigerators. Rumor is Budweiser is taking them to court to stop it...

Auto Sales in China have increased 25%. Yeah... They HALTED TAXES to stimulate the growth. Because of it, China will see an 8% increase in car sales through 2009. EARTH TO WHITE HOUSE. EARTH TO WHITE HOUSE!

President Obama has been in the White House 50 days, seems like 50 months...

That new strategy on American Idol to save or not to save is worse than waterboarding. NOW we see the singer rejected and embarrassed TWICE on national television. It actually HURT to see the kids destroyed like that. Ouch Simon. That had to have been your idea.

Mini Coopers are still selling at sticker. Sales have fallen double digits. Looks like Mini Coopers should be selling NOT at sticker.

Happy selling!

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