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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perfect Service

Apex, NC 3-15-09... I have to tell you I was impressed last night. Many restaurants and appliance stores are suffering. These two examples are not. We had a great dinner at Carrabas last night. The key is value. You get great food, and a lot of it. They now offer small $2 desserts... virtually every diner had one on the table. Love the strategy.

HH Gregg was next last night. Great store and again great value; wide aisles and major appliances. They do not have a little of everything like most appliance stores. They carry just mainly appliances and televisions. That is about it. You want a fridge you have 20 to look at. Both businesses were BOOMIMG last night.

Give customers what they want and guess what? You have traffic. The lessons are simple. Offer great stuff. Offer value. Offer what you are good at. That is it. Every wait staff member and every salesperson had one thing in common. They all were polite, friendly, and smiling... Gotta love it.

Happy selling!

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Anonymous said...

That's what it's all about Jim.