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Monday, March 30, 2009

What the %$#&????

3-30-09 Apex, NC

This will be brief. The White House has a brand new (old) scapegoat. Now it is playing tough guy and hardball with the car business. Out is Wagoner. Fiat better be obliterated into Chrysler...

It is so easy to walk across the playground and pop the 45 pound first grader. Hit 'em while they are weaker and littler. Now, after today, the President can look like a tough guy.

The White House hard ball strategy should slap the Senate Finance Committee. They should pop Barney Frank. Get the paddle out for the fiscal sector NOT the car business. Smack the G-20 while they are all at the same luxury hotel. They should take the Treasury Department to the shed. Whack the oil industry as they enriched themselves on the way to $4.00 gas...

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, anything in a full service MEGA-bank like Bank of America needs a whup on the side of the head. How about lining up all those goofballs who let people have credit when they could not even pay attention, let alone their bills. These people in these houses could not even BUY their Mama's love let alone their mortgage. We car people were born at night... just not last night.

I am furious. Wagoner? Come on... He was going to exit down the road anyway, but the timing here stinks.

Get your own (White) House in order. Clobber the bankers who pushed weak paper. Obama is calling this announcement today the Auto Industry's last chance.

UNREAL!!!! I do not think I can calm down. I have something to say to our President and it is not STIMULUS.

Until the people TRULY responsible for the economic mess are brought to justice, these automotive strategies are simply CRAP...

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From Detroit to Inzai said...


You are right on the mark with this one!!! Give a bonus to AIG and then Fire the CEO of GM... COME ON!!

Mark Williams