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Monday, March 23, 2009

Idle Thoughts (NOT) Again

Apex, NC 3-23-09

Sales of small cars are down drastically. No $%#& Sherlock. People do not want small cars. They want cars with good gas mileage.

An Abu Dhabi investment firm bought 9.1% of Daimler. Can you say Abu Dhabi Benz?

The simplest way to fix the current economy is to put it in brackets. The Administration closely monitors those.

Retail gas prices are down a penny nationally. It is the first time a penny made the national news. What's next? Who said a dog eating cash?

Geithner announced the latest economy plan. Someone should tell him the emphasis is on late not latest.

U.S. consumer spending slowed in February. BUY SOMETHING PEOPLE!!

Unemployment will skyrocket in June. All those college seniors will graduate.

Denny's is adding yogurt and granola to the menu. That will fill the parking lot...

Airports now want to find friends on Facebook. Other big institutions are doing it already.... the POLICE.

Twitter has spam. Like everybody on Twitter wants "a cool new computer for cheap. That is a non-sweet cheap tweet.

Happy selling!

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