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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idle Thoughts

3-03-09 Apex NC...

Is 6500 the population of Carlsbad, New Mexico or the present number of the Dow Jones? I am guessing Dow Jones.

Is 10 million really how many new vehicles will be sold in 2009? I think 10 million is the number of McDonald's hamburgers we ate today instead of a real lunch.

Is Rush versus Barack on HBO Saturday night at 10 EST? Quite the match I hear.

How can taxpayer and money have any connection? I am hearing taxpayer money all the time in the same sentence.

"Google" jobs and shovel and tool sites pop up.

Staycations will be the norm this summer.

Everybody and his mother will dig an awkward looking patch in the backyard and try gardening as soon as the ground is warm enough.

They are putting plug posts in downtown Raleigh for hybrids. What if I don't want a plug hanging out of my bumper?

Did you notice gas prices and oil prices are now unrelated?

How many of us were born at night; just not last night!

Who is lonelier? Someone stranded on a South Pacific Island or a HUMMER salesperson on the curb?

Notice how no one complains out loud about work anymore?

No matter how mean your boss is, are you not secretly thinking you are so lucky to have one?

Does AIG really stand for absolutely ignorant and greedy?

Remember when going out meant a restaurant?

And finally, don't you long for the good old days... AUGUST!!!

Hang in there; actually accolades must go to the HUMMER professional... I have trained quite a few, and one half of my garage houses a gorgeous H 3 Alpha... wish I could afford to drive it!!

Happy selling!


John Safin said...

The population of greater Carlsbad, New Mexico is 37,000.

We also have only a 2.8% unemployment rate, low property and sales tax, 300 days of sunshine, dozens of state and national parks, rivers and lakes, and the world famous Carlsbad Caverns.

Anyone who is looking for an opportunity would be wise to look at Carlsbad, NM instead of the stock market.

Sales Therapist said...

John Safin corrected me on the population of Carlsbad; My bad... It is actually 37,000. Darn those google searches... If I did not have the beach as close as I do, I would be proud to live in Carlsbad.

It is gorgeous there; check it out. I am glad no one from McDonald's has read my blog...