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Friday, March 6, 2009

Idle Thoughts Too

3-6-09 Apex, NC...

Remember when bankrupty was considered a bad thing?

How come the only Americans guaranteed their jobs with great pay and benefits are elected officials?

Arrogance and greed started this recession. The banking system was number two.

If you are really honest, no matter who you voted for in November, did you vote for this?

General Motors stock is cheaper than a gallon of gas. Can you smell the irony?

The same experts who tell us times are very bad are the same experts who told us that stocks were solid investments.

If we own the banks now, are we socialists?

My 401k changed to a 301j.

Money was set aside for manure research in the stimulus package. Dang, I really want to be honest here but you stopped me...

Happy selling!

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