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Monday, March 9, 2009

It Must Be In Our Hands

3-9-09, Apex, NC...

Since January 20, gas has gone up 20 cents a gallon and the stock market has gone down 20%. Is this Inside the Beltline's version of 20-20? What is next, Dancing with the Stars?


I like it; are you with me?... I bet there is already a out there. No way am I googling that.

I know this much... If my training and recruiting business is any kind of signal, we have to fix things fast.

With the global economy shrinking for the first time since WWII, this fix needs to come from us. It has to come from within.

We cannot depend on politics to fix economics. When have those two things ever gone hand-in-hand?

The real sadness is that a ton of talent will leave sales, the car business in particular, and head to "safer" pastures... Sales always drive growth. Yes, we have to GROW out of this. But can we wait?

I will soon will be teaching part-time again; sometimes income trumps passion.

But I will always be in the car business.

I still think we need to start some CRAP!!

Happy selling!

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