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Sunday, March 1, 2009


3-1-09 Apex, NC... Much of the U.S. is seeing March come in as a lion... We sure could use a little lamb... Where is Mary when you need her?

Seriously, the above number in my title reflects the Dow Jones... What will this new week bring? The economy just cannot get it together; and we can't send it to Betty Ford, it just is not that easy to rehab.

The President thinks he is the winning combination of FDR, JFK, LBJ and Reagan; on the other side we have Rush Limbaugh throwing F bombs... Failure, feud, fiasco, fear and flop.

Not surprisingly, we have so called experts using the term "massive restructuring" instead of what it really is... bankruptcy... Meanwhile we average citizens are still struggling to pay monthly bills. The alleged playmakers are in better stead. I do not think Rush or Barack fly coach, eat ramen noodles, or dig for change to put gas in the family car.

Let's get real...

Here is what we need to do. But again who am I?

Lower taxes. Lower interest rates. Help small business. Create incentives to purchase items that we have avoided purchasing since September.

Putting more money into an employee's paycheck. It is the only answer.

The car business has to survive. Period. Saving Detroit is critical. It is ESSENTIAL. It is not just General Motors or Chrysler here; the local grocery store and dairy queen go bye-bye along with dealers and suppliers.

Small businesses, like mine and so many others, MUST survive. The majority of our commerce in this country comes from small business.

WE can help ourselves if the politics let us. Put money where it needs to be, our pocket books.

It is never any good when political parties fight. I thought these leaders had more brains than this. Whose side are they really on?

Putting the economy back in our hands is just the start to increase sales and profits for everyone.

Let's see the fallout of Rush's speech and the administration's reaction. Maybe POSITIVES will come from it.

Happy selling!

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