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Saturday, March 21, 2009


3-21-09 Apex, NC

I was recently in a store in trouble. When you sell just three new in a month and you are highly capable of selling 15-25, that's CRAP.

But training has lost focus in this retail store. Traditional training is not hammered 24-7. I say train your people. How about this to increase NEW sales...

"Mr. Jones, I realize that you want a used vehicle this afternoon. Great choice. But you deserve the opportunity to assess all your options. Do you realize that pound for pound you can get a brand new vehicle today, and stay within your budget? Many of our new vehicles have rebates, dealer cash, great terms and unbelievable rates. I bet you we can put your family into a brand new BLANK with a full warranty, road-side assistance and be competitive with your wallet. In fact, if you buy new today, I am throwing in your first rotation and your first oil change at no charge. Let me show you this one over here... Follow me."

Now, with some adjustments, this word track can be flipped to sell used... BUT...

HERE IS THE THING. Training is an investment. It is invaluable! You double whammy your people when you do not train on a consistent, same page, regular basis. They suffer and your customer suffers. I am a solid trainer. Great track record. But I am sitting home way too much doing blogs like these when I should be in YOUR store. (W.T.F.) And I am not the only trainer with this unbelievable plight. We talk you know. Your people need fundamentals, negotiation and closing skills, and that continual re-affirmation that grows them professionally. This whole 360 is CRAP. You need me at your Monday and Saturday meetings. You need me at the desk. I promise you if I can sit at your tower on a Saturday for only two hours, you will have tons of training opportunity that comes out of those 120 minutes.

Your people and your customers deserve quality, continual training.

Now go sell some NEW cars. Just because they walk in for that 12 G car, does not mean they walk out with one. Check me out at

Oh yeah, I come with a money back guarantee... You don't like. You don't pay!

Happy selling!

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