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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idle Thoughts- The Tutorial

3-19-09 Apex, NC... Saint Joseph's feast day is 3-19-09. He of course was a carpenter, and the husband of Mary... Yes, he was the one with the famous KID... Anyway, he is the Patron Saint of Workers. The Vatican declared Joseph the Patron Saint of (those needing) work as well. I am still praying to him...

The Prez is going on Leno, has his Final Four predictions off his plate, and will be starring in the new FOX sitcom, "They Voted for Me!" It is a comedy... He also will be nominated for supporting actor role in "Bring Back George!"

Congress is racing to push the bill through that will clobber the AIG bonuses. Pay attention here fans, I have Congress and racing in the same sentence.

The recession will be over the hump by August if gas stays under $2.50 a gallon.

A company paid $370 recently to put a half-page ad in a newspaper. The company paying for it? Google... The Cook Islands News is the lucky paper. Honest!!

Rep. Betty Sutton, D-Ohio, submitted a bill to give $5000 to people turning in Clunkers at dealerships. I LOVE IT... I heard Archie and Jughead are following Betty's advice! Veronica always has a new ride...

Madoff's auditor was charged with fraud... REALLY NOW???

Alexis Grace, the best female singer on American Idol, got the Fan boot and the Judge boot. OUCH!! She deserved to stay.

Back to St. Joseph... Dear Saint Joseph, I am willing to work for money. But people are saying they do not have any. Who are they praying to?

Happy selling!

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