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Friday, February 27, 2009

Come Fly with Me

2-27-09 Apex, NC-- If you could get a minute of Sully's time and ask him what a pilot has to be focused on as he or she flies the big bird, he would most probably tell you these three things...


Selling is much like piloting.

Every month you must be on course. On your way to work, as you hit the pillow, as you drive around. Be on course. Know where you are heading. Have a plan every day.

Speed is a critical variable as well. Wiki-wiki means speed in Hawaiian. I always bring it up in sales classes, great term, remember wiki-wiki. Have that sense of urgency. It always generates emotion. And emotion always creates motion on the part of the customer. But as they say... watch your speed. Just like a car chase be slightly ahead so you have the clean air.

Altitude is the most critical of all. You have to know how to take off, climb, level off, descend and land without mistakes.

Think I am kidding... How many times have you said, "I landed a sale!"

On any given flight, passengers put their complete trust in the pilot. Passengers often thank the pilot as they exit the plane with things like, "great job, great landing" and so on.

Stay on course. Adjust your speed. And stay at the right altitude.

Your customers trust you. And they will thank you for the great job.

Happy flying and selling!

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