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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Arsenal of Democracy

Detroit has taken tons of hits this year... The Tigers fell to last place. The Lions are win-less just days before Christmas. There is a cold snow on the ground. And the Chief Executives of the Big Three sat truly humbled in front of Congress asking for a bail out consideration. But politics are still holding the $15 billion purse string.

Why not $30 billion? No one has mentioned this figure. But between 1942-1945, Detroit produced $30 billion worth of military equipment that truly won WWII. FDR called Detroit "the Great Arsenal of Democracy". He was correct. At the Ford Willow Run Plant alone, the #3 assembly line was producing one B24 Liberator Bomber an hour. Each bomber contained 100,000 parts. WOW. Built in AMERICA meant something then.

2008 is not the only time when the Automotive Industry, Labor and Politics crossed paths for purpose . And America is indeed in a war. What if we ever need Detroit again to convert cars to weapons?

Just remember, we need DETROIT. BUY AMERICAN.

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