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Monday, December 22, 2008

A- Game Installation

Being at your best every day is not complicated. You must take care of yourself physically. You cannot have a six pack of beer and a pizza every night and be on your A game.

Mentally here is how to maximize opportunity, especially if you sell for a living.

1. Come to work to work; socialize later.
2. Have a plan. Goals are essential.
3. Know your inventory, on the ground and what's coming in.
4. Be there to help and serve. The customer notices stuff like that.
5. Listen with no distractions. Be very active, have eye contact, and lean into the conversation.
6. Never have anything less than a POSITIVE attitude. Anything else is mentally unacceptable.

People buy from smiling, listening, organized, energetic, and knowledgeable individuals.

Happy selling!

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