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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sales or Fails

I am your sales therapist and you need sales therapy. The automotive buying and selling business can be as satisfying as it is frustrating. Many salespeople are untrained and many customers are uneducated, or worse... full of disinformation not information. That is a fails in sales combination that often leads to no sale at all... Come on, it "ain't" rocket science, brain surgery or Rhodes Scholarship candidacy. It is about right; the right time, the right vehicle, the right price, the right place, the right opportunity. Poorly trained salespeople can turn a buyer into a liar, trier, fly-er, sigh-er, crier, and eventually into a die-er, if they do not give the customers enough reasons to buy, yep... the customer leaves. Worse, the customer is often at fault as well. Customers walk into the dealership on the defense, expecting the worse... and guess what happens with that mindset. Chill!!! What you need is therapy!

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In the business I am known as Mr. Friendly. Happiness is key!

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