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Thursday, December 18, 2008


12-18, APEX NC- You just have to love the 24 hour news cycle. FOX News for example, has a constant crawl on the screen bottom with text news that runs like a river all the time... complete with misspellings. And FOX now features three small stacked "activity"screens with current stories going on. All three are stacked like pancakes on a full third of the screen. Sometimes there is so much going on visually that you can barely see the actual broadcast. It can drive you batty and strain both eyeballs.

So it should come as no surprise that just as the election coverage was beaten to death, so is the recession and the car business. It is 24/7/365... Too much news coverage ABOUT ANYTHING makes people nervous. Nerves push emotion. Emotion pushes consumer confidence. And that confidence affects the economy. That is why the stock market is such a super ball, bouncing everywhere and why gasoline has fallen so far and so fast. Confidence also affects CONSUMPTION of everything. Even OPEC is powerless against a non-buying public. Oil is around $38. Remember demand is LOUSY for everything but the basics right now. Go figure.

In something I have never seen in my life, many local dealership competitors have come together on the radio in the Raleigh market to tell people in a collective voice... "We have credit for you." The strange bedfellows thing is very interesting. But until the public buys again, cuts and contraction will continue.

We need to grow, grow, grow and often as we HO HO HO this Christmas Season.

P.S. You have got to feel for Detroit. Constant bad news and now the current weather forecast, 6-10 inches of snow and well below freezing temperatures tonight. Well, at least they have the Lions. Seriously, the Lions will beat the Saints Sunday by a T.D.

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