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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cash that's Fit to Print!

The Fed is printing $$$ at near 0%. The banks, and every other money lender will benefit. Hopefully we can get people to buy stuff other than groceries and presents. I talked to some stores in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Kansas City yesterday. Ten grand used cars are selling but the new cars sales are down more than 50%... At least the dealerships are back at the auctions.

Meanwhile George W. is still deciding the fate of the Big Three. Note the biggest obstacles for the President are the Southern Republican Governors. These states have a lot at stake when or if Chapter 11 ever happens. Note when the southern states think Motor City, it is Seoul, Stuttgart and Tokyo... We do not have to be Columbo to figure out who the suspects are... Mr. Bush will do the right thing... he ducks and weaves with the best throwers in the game.

At least in our country we have choices and free speech. But come on, all during this politico bureaucratic inertia balder dash.... the economy suffers worse. My main job in early 2009 will be to install confidence and positive focus to retail sales communities. It is all about attitude.

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