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Friday, December 12, 2008

What is Congress Thinkin?

Our current economic crisis has taken many victims. In fact, too many victims. With relatively few exceptions, I do not know many people still working in Michigan. The facts are these... General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have all restructured. If you do not believe just google the changes in labor relations, suppliers, dealers, product innovation, and fuel economy. All three companies were heading to profitability when the global economic and credit crisis killed people coming into the showroom. People are thinking, "I cannot buy a car right now because..."

If you do not put anything in the fridge, eventually when you open the boor all you have left is the Arm and Hammer. If your outlay exceeds your income, you eventually dry up financially; and since I mentioned the fridge, wait until the food chain dies. Bankruptcy breeds bankruptcy.

Our GDP will be toast. Consumer confidence vanishes. And everyone with stash under their mattress will carry pillows with coins and dollars... Credit goes bye-bye. Wall Street becomes small street. And Main Street becomes mean street. It will get ugly.

I have over three decades in the car business. It is a very cool industry. It gave us mass transit and created the middle class. Yes, cars created our middle class. Call your Congress Rep and Senator NOW and help fix this.

Grow is the opposite of slow... If you need a car go buy one. Kick start the economy. Trust me the car business is dieing to get you to buy. Literally...

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