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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plastic or Paper?

In D.C. this week each Big Three member, Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors are all holding different bags. GM is the most shocking of the three. A company since 1908 is on the edge. Chrysler LLC needs to merge with Nissan/Renault and should get zip in the form of a bridge loan. It is a private company for gosh sake. An LLC, just like my company VTR Consulting LLC. I too am in the car business; I too have a business that has cooled down, but I am not getting a dime from Congress. Fair is fair. Ford is in the best shape having mortgaged their corporate fanny including their famous blue oval a couple of years ago. Their plan, to ask for a bridge loan that they will only tap in necessity, is a sound one.

Things will get better. NOW is the time to buy, whether it is Detroit metal or not. And I can help you with questions and I can get you a good deal if you want one. Just do as I suggest when you e-mail me. Go to and click on my virtual office icon.

Happy shopping!

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