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Sunday, December 21, 2008

People Who Need People

12-21, Apex NC- I have been thinking. And that sometimes is dangerous for me but I still do it. If many serving in Congress are old enough to be PEO's parents (President-Elect Obama), who insures their legacy retirement benefits? Oh yeah... Those bennies will never be in jeopardy...

There is an African proverb thast states something like this, that no one can truly be a person unless they are with other people. That is what this blog is all about. Here is a story to back us up.

Ross Perot told this parable in a speech moons ago. Although paraphrased big time here is is a great story.

Henry Ford had two best friends, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison. Edison was much older than Henry but Mr.Ford always tapped him for ideas. One day Henry rings Tom up on the telephone and has him rush over to the Ford Factory Building. With his arm around Mr. Edison, Mr. Ford points over to six big guys, loaded down with tool belts. They are working hard assembling a car. Slowly they finish one area and when done they move to another. Each to his own; never missing a beat. Henry is like a proud father. "Well, Tom what do you think?' Tom, probably the smartest man ever on earth, says this to Mr. Ford... "Henry, have you thought of having the car move and the workers standing still?

Yes Mr.Ford gets all the credit for the first assembly line, but remember that African proverb?

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