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Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Lovely Weather for a Car Ride Together with You!

Dealerships across the country are singing this song. In North Carolina, my state of residence, there are 695 dealers and 33,000 employees (NADA NC). Man that is a lot of property and payroll. Car dealerships sustain credit unions, donut shops, gas stations, fast food places, multiple charities, and caterers. They contribute big time to the tax base of every one of the communities they are established in.

I have a message for all the commentators on FOX, CNN and MSNBC and all the reporters on the radio and in the papers who do not have the election to chew on anymore. Unless you have been in the business, don't comment on or against our behalf. Just as no man knows what it is like to give birth, no reporter out there knows what the business is like... It is all about the experience. Your comments have only made things worse. Unlike the Wall Street scenario with a complicated plot and rich guys in Brooks Brothers outfits, the car situation is easier for the public to follow and be influenced. And this fuels the fire.

I give kudos to the President. He might be more driven by additional unemployment numbers showing up on his watch if the bridge loan process fails than by the survival of the car business, but political or not, this will carry the domestic manufacturers into 2009.

Things will get better. And maybe some day I can return to being the retail sales trainer and recruiter I make my living doing. But right now I am all PRO- CAR BUSINESS.

I say BUY AMERICAN this CHRISTMAS. No matter the product... If it does not say "MADE IN BLANK", it is made in the good ole USA.

Be proud and be LOUD. Your brothers and sisters in the Auto Industry need you. Call your Senator and your Representative. And remember, Santa's sleigh is USA...

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