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Monday, December 29, 2008

This is for YOU BUD

Apex, NC...Every single day at 3 p.m., near St. Louis, the 15 Budweiser breweries across the United States send samples to the central brew master. He samples each one and makes the corrections necessary to ensure consistency in what has always been called the King of Beers.

In sales, royalty also comes from consistency.

I was never the top car salesperson every month. I never hit 30 cars in a 30 day period. But in a Mall with 75 salespeople, I was always very consistent. I sold a car every other day. My commission was consistent. I always had a blend of new customers, owners, and referrals each month. I always was at 15-16 sales every month regardless of the time of year. Mostly, good for number two, in sales; once in awhile I would be number one, but that was never my focus. My focus was to take care of my customers and get me another new one every chance I got. The byproduct of what I did was the numbers. You can do the same thing regardless of economic factor. Simply refuse to participate in the downturn. If you have a customer in front of you, the economy is GOOD.

Make a good beer, at a good price and you are the best beer in the world. Give your customers a good experience, consistent in value , and you are a top professional.
This ain't rocket science. Be consistent, define what you do, and follow your daily plan.

Happy selling! Finish the week strong!

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