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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The One Constant

12-20 Apex, NC- Way back in the olden days, and for the car business that was June, things were changing in fast order. The one constant, the force that affects the entire Automotive Industry, is leadership. Leadership is many things. It is selfish. It is caring. And it is anything in between.

I taught at Michigan in the late 1990's. Organizational Communication was the class and each week, 16 of them, there was a singular topic discussion that eventually over the weeks blended into others to give the students a real sense of business as a living organism.

Leadership was probably the most interesting of all the weekly ingredients. Here is my definition of leadership. Leadership is the ability to move a systems-focused agenda forward in a positive, partnering, and enthusiastic way. Most importantly, it is as human as it is flawed.

Systems- focus allows you to assess all the parts of the organization and lead that array of parts as a whole. It helps but does not prevent flaws. As the leadership of our business and our industry you need your team to have your back. Your example over the next quarter will make or break what we need to accomplish. But remember that leadership, no matter your favorite definition, is only as good as you are...

Happy selling!

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