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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Believe

Apex, NC... In the six inches of storage space between my ears, magic is about to happen. It's New Year's Believe. December 30th. I will lose the 20 pounds. I will earn a better living. I will exercise more. I will renew ties with all the people I have not talked to this year. I will clean the attic. Man, right now I firmly believe I will do all this and more. 2009 will be my avenue. I am so excited. Well, once 2009 is here, I can guarantee many of the believes will start to leave... Some of my resolutions become unresoluted. I have less odds to succeed in all my believes than my beloved Detroit Lions... It happened in 2008, and every year back. Dang it, it always happens.

I cannot improve everything because of one major factor... I am human.

Here is what I can do though. This is the easy stuff. I can smile when I see you. I can make you laugh. I can enjoy each day as if it is my last. I can be kind to friend and stranger. I can give honest feedback. I can focus on others and help them become better.

And most importantly, everytime I am in contact with someone; by e-mail, SMS, phone and face-to-face, I will walk away from the interaction with BOTH of us better people.

That is a New Year's Believe that will happen...

Happy selling!

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