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Friday, December 19, 2008


12-19 Apex NC- The President came through this morning preventing a total collapse of the auto industry, thus preventing about a million people from the unemployment lines. By 3-31, the Big Three have to develop a plan to be competitive. I still believe that if and when, and it is just a matter of time, that customers go back to the dealership showrooms, things will brighten for Detroit.

These next two weeks are critical for retail car sales. Traditionally, it is the biggest half-month of the year. I always had a good December when I sold cars and I usually doubled my numbers about now. If I was at eight at this point of the month, I could usually count on 16 by New Year's Eve. There are two full weekends left in the month, and 12 selling days. It is tough work selling cars, but the hours are worth it this time of year.

Usually the 4th quarter and December are solid retail opportunities. But things ain't usual. If you are a sales pro, know your inventory, talk to five people TODAY, and work with a plan. There is always an unlimited amount of money outside the showroom door and an unlimited amount of customers. Get out there... Failure is not an option. It is not in written into the bridge loan.

Happy selling!

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