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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are You Upset?

1-11-09, Apex NC... By now, all of you have watched a little football this weekend and the upsets just keep on coming... How can one team be favored to win by 10 and lose by 20? How could Vegas be so wrong? Back in August, the Detroit Lions were undefeated in preseason at 4-0, the then QB Kitna predicted at least 10 wins... He was almost right. I saw 16 wins... Detroit was indeed perfect in the regular session too.

The weather forecasters will often predict partly cloudy, and the next day will be wet and windy. The same people that predicted $6.00 gas when it was $4.00, are telling us it will be $2.50 by spring.

The lesson is this, refuse to participate in the future when we can manage the present, because quite honestly, we do not have a clue. Those "experts" who compare 2009 with 1931 and 1945 honestly have no idea as to what the heck will happen over the next 12 months.

Just take everything in with a grain of salt. The only people in America who have earned the right to be negative with evidence are the Detroit sportswriters; get in front of a customer in the morning, smile like crazy and write him up. The economy will be pretty good right about then.

Happy selling!!

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