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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanted Dead Or Alive

1-26-09 Apex, NC... Have you seen your wanted poster nailed to poles, pinned on the post office bulletin boards, or distributed as fliers? Nope. Me either. We have to work at being wanted. If you are in the car business in 2009, times by every stretch are challenging. I am in a lot of stores and it usually is the same. Used cars are holding their own, give or take; and new vehicle sales, even with the incentives, could be better. In fact it MUST get better.

If you are in the business, think out of the box a little bit and see what you can come up with in drawing traffic to your store. If you are a customer, tell your salesperson what you need and what you want. Tell the truth. Here is a fact. The customer always fibs first; so be upfront and give the dealer all the info he or she needs to help you with your car problem. Problem? Yep, you would not walk into the showroom if your vehicle was a cream puff that you loved beyond all things. It is a win win. We can fix your problem if you just let us. Enjoy the process and your new ride!

Happy selling!

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